Kitty cats are very helpful. They tell you when to take a break and you haven't even started yet. Roz is our new kitty and is about 4 years old. A lady could not keep her so another lady took her in, but Roz did not get along with her cats. So she tried to find her a home. We took her in. Roz seems to have an issue with other kitties, but George did too and now he is fine with others.

The first day of greetings did not go well. But now it seems they stare at each other a lot through the big doggy gate I bought that has a cat door. We kind of wish we would have thought of it sooner. It works well. We scold the kitties for hissing at each other. My husband said he scolded Roz for hissing and she gently swatted at his finger. Cute, right.

We leave the gate open once in a while to have the kitties come and go. Roz is a little timid about going out, but we are getting there. It has only been a couple of weeks.

She is an orange cat, so we are ready for Halloween with George being a black cat. Zeke will greet the treaters. He doesn't seem to mind people.

I found one black spot on Roz's front paw and she also has a couple of black whiskers. Does that make her a calico? Probably not.

So Roz was helping me this morning, before I even started to work. She was laying on the mouse. Of course I did not have my camera. When I came back with it, she liked playing with the string. It was cute. Strings seem to be the toys for kitties. Roz, we found out, seems to eat string. Not good.

She is getting use to our routine. We have the kitties sit quietly for a few seconds before feeding them. She learned that pretty quick. George still has a little issue with it, and his meow is so funny sometimes. It is more of a purring meow. Eventually he does of course.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.