The snow will not be here much longer, good or bad, with the spring-like temperatures that are forecast this week. The temperatures are nice, and I've even noticed a few farmers have been in the fields spreading "fresh air" about.

Our new neighbor's puppy found a good patch of relatively fresh-looking snow to have a good roll in. He is going to have a tough time finding any snow over the next few days. It was a good thing that the tail-wagger chose the snow, because there was a nice mud bath close by, and that would have been a mess on that white fur.

Sambo, one of my cats when I was growing up, would roll in the dirt every so often. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. What is it with dogs, cats, horses and animals of all sizes rolling around in the dirt, and why do we think it is so cute? Even now with our indoor cats, they roll around and twist on the carpeting. They do seem to enjoy it. I suppose it scratches their back in a way, but it can't be as enjoyable as rolling around in the dirt.

Me, I just play in the dirt when I garden, which I will hopefully be able to do very soon ... maybe.

But this is about catching the neighbor's puppy enjoying the snow.