In Minnesota and the Midwest, it has been said by many people for many years, that there are two seasons: winter and road construction.

That made me think of a comic strip that I did see years ago, I don't remember which one. The joke was naming the four seasons in California as Mudslides, Floods, Earthquakes and Fires. I also found out that some other parts of the world have two seasons also: Wet and Dry.

So back to our current season: road construction. Boy, is there A LOT of it.

I mean there are orange barrels just popping up near freeways, roads leading up to freeways, on highways and roads leading up to highways.

I noticed some barrels today that I am pretty sure are recent on my in to work near Casey's in Ellendale. Road construction continues on I-35S Ellendale to Albert Lea, I-35N around Owatonna, on old Highway 14/Crane Creek Road and around Hoffman Drive. That is just naming a few places. Basically you can't go anywhere without some road construction around.

Drive safely. Drive the speed limit. Put down the cellphone. Watch for flagman/woman. See orange barrels, slow down.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.