Labor Day is the day some think summer is over. Wait. It's not.

Meteorologists will call it the end of the meteorological summer. But wait, there's more summer. Besides, remember meteorologists are like 50 percent right. Well, maybe better odds on some days. But we won't get into that. It's still summer.

It does seem odd, but I've noticed that some trees are changing colors. Maybe they are trying to help out the meteorologists, trying to give them credit.

Even the temperatures are agreeing. We had very summery -- is that even a word -- hot, humid and upper 80s or in the 80s. Even had a peak alert. Now this week will be a gradual cooldown and a little more comfortable, 70s and even 60s.

Just remember the first day of autumn, aka Fall, is Wednesday, Sept. 23. So that's still a couple of weeks away.

Still on the weather theme, the fourth and last of the lunar tetrad will be at the end of the month. A total lunar eclipse will be Sunday, Sept. 27, and will last three hours and 20 minutes, with the total eclipse lasting a little over one hour. It all begins just after 8PM, with the total eclipse near 9:30PM and ending around 11:30PM.

Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day ... A day for all of us to just "relax." Even though it seems we end up working. Hopefully it was an enjoyable, playing "work."

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.