How do they do it? That is a big question. I am sure the answer would be different for each writer/author.

How do they come up with the ideas? What about the ending? And, of course, everything in the middle?

I also wonder how often they change the plot or the ending while writing. Then the conversations that the people have throughout the story. I mean talk about talking to yourself and then to have multiple conversations going on.

Do all those ideas rolling around in their heads bring another plot for a different story to mind and then they start writing another story? Or maybe an outline to change later?

I guess the answer to all of the above is they just have a knack for it. Just like we have a knack for what we do, whatever that may be. It may not be the best answer, but it does work.

I've had these questions pop in my head for a some time, because there are times I scribble things down to write about and then I change my mind, maybe the words are not right because they sounded better in my head. Also since I love to read a variety of books, it just makes me wonder a few things. Now once again there is room for something else to sneak in and think about.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.