Coming up next Friday, that's the 27th, it is Hug Your Cat Day, according to It is on the last Friday of May.

What's funny, when I clicked on the link they give you suggestions to watch out for the claws. Now some cats may not like to be hugged. It does not have to be a "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi" kind of hug. It could just be a one.

Maybe as you see them curled in a ball, just go up to them and give them a quick hug by placing your hands around them and lay your head down for just a second and done.

My kitties, George and Zeke, don't mind being hugged. Sometimes as they are walking, or should I say pacing, around the kitchen waiting to be fed, I will bend down and pick them up by just the front so that their back feet are still touching the floor and give a hug, then give the other one a hug. Equal hugs.

I remember babysitting a friend's younger brother and they had a cat that DID NOT like its back touched. This made me a little nervous. But as I was sitting quietly in a comfy chair, the kitty sat beside me. I absently was petting him and that included its back. Now I know that isn't a hug but he did not seem to mind, there was not any hissing or scratching on anyone's mind. I thought that was cool.

Hug kitty gently.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.