When March comes along, the holiday we remember is St. Patrick's Day. That's just fine and dandy because we are all Irish then. In March we can also celebrate plaid because it is Mad for Plaid Month. Wear plaid proudly and on the 17th make it green plaid. I use it more in quilts, so I will sew it proudly. And National Quilting Day is the 19th. March is also National Craft Month.

This also popped up. March is Umbrella Month. To top it off, on the 13th, it is National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day. It is on the Sunday we spring ahead. But let's back up some.

The Iditarod begins the first Sunday of March. Plus we have Oreo Cookie Day.

Yummy in my tummy, it is Cereal Day on the 7th and that goes with Fun Facts About Names Day. Unique Names Day follows on the 8th. This being Name Pride Month, we celebrate Middle Name Pride Day on the 11th.

There is a little bit of math in March, too, with Pi Day (3.14).

March is also Women's History Month.

With this being near the end of my blog, from the end of March through the beginning of May is National Kite Month. Kind of makes me wonder why not just make it April but okay.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.