I went to the dentist this morning. Pat on the back for me, no cavities. The dental assistant polished my teeth with the flavor strawberry margarita. I don't even drink, but I think I feel a little giddy. She also mentioned that she felt wrong to give the new summer flavors, including pina colada, to the kids. Since I had a good check-up, I bought myself a chocolate-covered doughnut with nuts. It was tasty.

All this brings back memories of going to the dentist when I was a kid. I think my mom chose the meanest and oldest woman dentist she could find. My brothers would compete who had the most cavities. Yeah, good times.

It's a little weird that I don't mind going to the dentist after those experiences. Only one mentioned straightening my front bottom teeth.

Then in the basement of that same business complex was the eye doctor. I sort of thought the eye doctor and dentist were the same person. However, there were a few differences. The eye doctor was shorter, had an accent and was nicer.

Now I have to say my dentist and eye doctor are both very nice.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.