The Minnesota Wild for the first time played a hockey game outside and it was against rival Chicago Blackhawks.

Wow, it was a nice winter day, too. It wasn't the deep freeze that the Vikings had when the game started at -6. Yesterday was in the mid-30s, I even noticed a few flurries. The score was pretty nice too, Wild win 6-1. A couple of the scores were close together, even through the legs.

That's almost a baseball score. And they say an outdoor stadium will sit empty. The stadium looked full.

Cheap Trick performed at the first intermission. I don't know what they sang but I noticed the guitar player had many, many picks that he tossed every chance he got. Then I noticed his mic stand had a bunch of picks just waiting for him to toss.

In all, a good game, did I mention that the Wild did WIN 6-1. Cool, right?

My husband and I also watched the Steele County Blades play the Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings hockey game on Feb. 13. It was an inside game and just somewhat chilly. That was our Valentine's Day date.

It was a good one. The Blades won 7-5, another baseball score. They even scored an empty netter near the center line.

We watched from one side of the rink for a while, then went to get some concessions. Yummy popcorn and a couple of drinks.

Then we decided to watch at the far end, net side. That was a cool angle. The puck went up along the railing of the boards. Since we were standing, it was a chance for my cocoa to cool off, but of course, not too much. Especially since the warmers in my boots were not working. The package said not to knead the warmers, but they had been stashed away for a couple of years I probably should have. Because when we were home I did and wow warmth.

Then we continued to walk to the other side and watched from a different bleacher set. It was a good night.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.