My husband and I drink coffee maybe once or twice a week, so not very often. And during the summer, we compost the grounds. Looking through my "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things" book, I found other uses for coffee grounds.

  •  Before cleaning the ashes out of a fireplace, put wet coffee grounds on them. Ashes will be easier to remove and will not pollute the room.
  • Deodorize the freezer by filling a couple of bowls of used or fresh coffee grounds and place in the freezer overnight.
  • Coffee grounds are good for the garden: A) Sprinkle used coffee grounds and orange peels in the garden to keep cats away. B) Mix carrot seeds with fresh coffee grounds to repel pests and possibly boost the harvest.
  • Old coffee grounds are packed with nutrients that acidic-loving plants such as rosebushes, azaleas and evergreens enjoy.

And I plan on putting some of these to use, especially that last note. I repotted a pine tree plant that looked worse than Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. So I'm going to give it a boost with some coffee grounds every few months and see how it goes. Good luck, little tree.

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