Today, July 27, seems like we're to go for a walk, not a hike. Lucky us, we don't have to go it alone.

That's right today is Take Our Pants for a Walk Day. Pretty easy, too, since you can put on a pair and walk.

It is also, this is a little odd, Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day. It doesn't say what to do if you have more than one. Maybe take them for a walk by putting them outside, once again that makes it easy.

How about this one? Walk on Stilts Day today. Good luck if you try this. One of my brothers made a pair and did walk on them. I don't know if it was on this day or not though. I do remember it was summer.

Let's celebrate all this walking on the 29th with Lasagna Day and National Chicken Wing Day. That's followed by dessert with Cheesecake Day on the 30th and that would be a good time to call over some friends. Because it is Friendship Day and International Day of Friendship. Pretty friendly day, huh?

On the 31st of July, which will be the second full moon of the month -- also known as a blue moon -- is Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day. Maybe make your own.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.