February is known to be American Heart Month and Black History Month. It is also Grapefruit and National Time Management Month. Maybe I should have mentioned that one sooner.

Today is my kind of day: Love Your Pet Day. This one is not difficult -- give a gentle hug and squeeze to your cats, dogs, or rabbits, etc. For those who have fish or something that does not want to be touched, blow them a kiss.

Next week is the last week of February. Will March come in like a lion or a lamb?

Other unique "holidays" remaining in February include:

  • Sunday is World Thinking Day, along with the 87th Academy Awards ceremony.
  • Monday the 23rd is Iwo Jima Day -- the flag was raised. Thank you, veterans.
  • Tuesday the 24th, in Canada, is Cupcake Day. I could be Canadian for a day, eh?
  • Wednesday the 25 is Inconvenience Yourself Day.
  • It is National Chili Day on Thursday the 26th.
  • Dig out some good books. It's Read Me Day on Friday the 27th.
  • National Tooth Fairy Day is Saturday the 28th, and again on Aug. 22.
  • The last Saturday of February, which isn't always the 28th, is International Sword Swallowing Day. Do not try this at home, work, store, inside or outside. Just don't try it.

So, remember love your pet today and everyday.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.