I did a list of Minnesotans on the Twins, but I think I should have changed it to Lefty Minnesotans on the Twins. I think there was even a year or two that there were multiple lefties in the Twins lineup. It seemed two or three, break it up with a righty then back to a few more lefties.

Yes, I am a lefty. I do not curl my wrist all around to write. I have more of a "righty" look. I think it is odd but it is just one of those things. One of my brothers is also left-handed and we say, "We are left-handed when we sit down and right-handed when we stand up." I do have a few exceptions. My husband and I played a little tennis and I would start with the racket in my right hand and when the ball was hit to me, I would switch it to my left. I am still not sure why.

I was talking to a lady writing left-handed at our booth at the Engaged 4 Life expo. She and I chuckled at a few different stories and she said she had lots more since she was 79.

So, I've been kind of thinking about how to write this and it appeared I was thinking way too much about it because in an obscure way I dreamed about it. I was driving down a street I did not recognize and looking backward. When I noticed a cop car, I looked forward and realized I was actually driving in reverse. I slowly backed into a driveway. A lady in the next driveway said something that I do not remember. I'm guessing the dream is about how some people say we're backwards. We are a little, but we seem to adjust to the righty world just fine.

I remember my mom talking about one of her coworkers saying when she was in Germany, they wanted her to be right-handed. The only thing they couldn't change was that she still used a left-handed scissors. It is weird because I cannot use one, it just tears the paper.

We are a little odd but that is the fun about life.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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