Everyone sing along now: "Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happpy Birrthday tooo youuu."

Today is a bonus birthday. June 27 is Happy Birthday to You Day. I figure you won't turn a year older. It's one of those special days. If it really is your birthday, well, it is still just the one year older like the tradition goes with birthdays.

Yummy cake with balloons made out of frosting, but really no need for candles -- unless it is your birthday, then I think candles would be cool. Remember the ice cream, any flavor would do. My brother has always been partial to apple pie, so if you want that, I think that would be okay. It is your birthday after all.

Just think, a bonus day just for you.

Maybe you will get a small present. Maybe you won't, but it's a good day just the same. Because it is your birthday and not one year older, pretty cool.

Maybe have a small get-together and play some games. Pin the tail on the donkey or break a pinata that is filled with fabulous door prizes and candy and more candy.

Remember to wear one of those funny little birthday hats. Sure sounds like a fun day planned.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.