There are times I do things right away. One so I don't forget and two just to get it out of the way.

Other times, well, I put it off. Not intentionally; it just happens. And then it can be a small sort of challenge, hooray.

So maybe you've heard us discuss the Owatonna Park and Rec Passport Program. This year I decided to give it a shot. Not that hard, right. The hard part for me is reading a map. That is a challenge I have yet to conquer. I need directions, sometimes a couple or three times.

So for the first day of fall on Wednesday, I went to the easy parks first. What a beautiful day to be out in Kaplan's Woods looking for a passport. That was easy.

Onto Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve. I think I found a new walking trail. I usually go to Kaplan's Trail by Lake Kohlmier, which is pretty and an easy trail. The nature reserve is a prairie with pretty weeds as tall as me. I did not have to walk very far since I turned the correct way, but I am willing to turn the other way for the white sign. Two done.

I sort of knew where Dartts Park and Mineral Springs were located. I asked KRFO/Kat Kountry's Brad Fischer for more help on where to look and stuff.

I went after work and found the passports pretty easily. Onto Straight River Trial. Well I met a mom and her two little ones, who were looking forward to ice cream afterward. They did pretty well keeping up and well deserved their treat. We then met up with a couple of older ladies. It was a buggy trail and glad to get that one done. Oh, wait, still need the white sign.

Then to find Manthey Park. That one I asked three maybe four times, including twice of Brad. On the trail, the mom gave me directions. The older ladies gave me slightly different directions and sounded easier and I followed theirs. I sort of found Manthey Park by accident then. All six done. Challenge completed. Now Phase White Signs.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.