Aug. 8 is International Cat Day, but it also is recognized on Feb. 17 in Europe and on March 1 in Russia. It just so happens to be on Oct. 29, too. We have lots of days to appreciate that joyous bundle that will sometimes only stare at you.

It is fitting to also have Happiness Happens Day on the same day. Another cat connection is that Garfield's pal Odie has his day on Aug. 8. I'm assuming he doesn't mind.

On Aug. 11, it is said to be President Joke Day. Is that when the president tells a joke? Because according to the comedians and late night hosts, pretty much every night is President Joke Day.

Seamsters and quilters, Sewing Machine Day is on the 12th and Vinyl Record Day, too. I don't think the sewing machine would make the record skip.

Here's a day for us lefties. Good or bad it is on the 13th, International Lefthanders Day. It is on a Thursday, so it is mostly good.

There are also the following observances for August:

  • American Adventures Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • Bartenders Awareness Month
  • National Traffic Awareness Month

The Sturgis Rally runs through Aug. 9, and National Motorcycle Week is the second full week through the 15th. Elvis Week is Aug. 10-16, that is a holiday all by itself. We'll be singing "Hound Dog" and "Little Sister" can't forget "Good Luck Charm" and so many others.

Just to have some fun, it is Weird Contest Week from Aug. 10-14. At least it is only five days.

It seems odd, but the Steele County Free Fair did not make the national list, but we know it is Aug. 18-23: Food, Fun and Screams in 2015.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.