Winter brings icicles, good and bad, I know. The definition of an icicle is a hanging spike of ice formed by freezing dripping water. Or a type of Christmas lights to hang on the outside, or even inside the house or office.

The other day I noticed something a little unusual. I noticed a big icicle that was actually coming from the drain pipe that was not attached to the gutter. Well once one icicle is noticed, more seem to pop up, or drip down as the case may be. So I started looking around town a little bit.

Then by the railroad tracks, there were a few that were wind blown, or were they train blown? Anyway, the icicles were a little slanted to the right or left depending on which way you were looking at them.

Just remember, though, it is an icicle not a popsicle. A co-worker caught her kids thinking that the icicles hanging off the air-conditioner were popsicles. It is kind of like keep away from the yellow snow.

I did not see too many icicles, maybe later in the season there will be more, which is kind of a bad thing, right? They can be impressive sometimes though.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.