Now that April is here and we have some sunny days ahead, I could take down my "SNOW" sign. But we have had snow in May. I know, don't even think that. It sure makes it memorable though. Oh and April is National Decorating Month. We do have a more springy and summery picture. Maybe it will be changed.

So, why is it hopping April? It is Frog Month. They come in all sorts of colors. In the far away countries, the brighter they are, the more poisonous the frogs are. That could explain the calendar picture that I have. It is a kitten reaching its paw to a little green frog. I will go with that.

Why is it nutty in April? Pecan Month and on the 14th it is Pecan Day. That's it.

Even better it is Pet Month. Today, April 11, is Pet Day. Our kitties like to remind us when it is close to meal time. They also have been known to greet us at the door. That's a nice welcome. George and Zeke both have very loud purrs. I timed George on more than one occasion and he purred for nearly an hour. My husband nicknamed him "sleeping pill." Pet Month/Day remind us to give a little extra loving to our furry family members. And maybe think about adopting a pet. It is also Adopt a Greyhound Month.

Yummy, yummy. It is Licorice Month. I prefer red. My husband likes both red and black. Account exec Brad Fischer has been known to buy black licorice. Account exec Rich Will found green apple flavored. It's a nice snack when I travel because it's not too filling.

April 12, Tuesday, is Walk on Your Wild Side. That could be fun. Scrabble Day is the 13th. Quid is a good four-letter word to use.

The sun is shining above (really it is) ... Think Happy Thoughts.