Last weekend as I was weeding, really "playing in the dirt," I noticed icky and yucky little slug-like things under this pretty ground cover. Well, I knew they had to go.

Project: Ground cover gone. Late afternoon I started with a garden rake. Well, that brought over a helpful neighbor with a weasel-like claw tool. He said he saw me working really hard and brought over this tool.

That was the nicest thing. I began using it and it helped make quick disappearance of that ground cover. He even did a "Wilson" from Home Improvement. He poked his head over the fence from across the street and asked how it was going. Great and thank you.

The cool thing is I have not really talked to this neighbor. I have waved to them. My husband has talked to him. So I thought it was pretty cool. They were cutting down a tree, they were busy with friends over and he brings over this helpful tool . So cool.

That, of course, brings us to Night to Unite on Tuesday, Aug. 4. It is an evening of planned block parties and members of the Owatonna police department stop by and give a presentation. Neighbors getting to know neighbors and law enforcement.

New this year is National Night Out, also planned for Tuesday, Aug. 4. Well, it's really not new, but to this area it is the first time it has been planned.

Owatonna Park and Rec has planned a National Night Out event in Central Park from 5-7PM. Owatonna Police and Fire Departments will make a presentation, and there will be food and games.

In Ellendale, the city has put together National Night Out in the City Park from 5:30-7:30PM. Members of the Fire Department and EMTs will be there. A State Patrol helicopter will land across the street at the United Methodist Church. A member of the sheriff's department will also be there. The city will provide root beer floats. You could bring a picnic or there will be a couple of food vendors there.

Get to know your neighbors and law enforcement in a good way. Make plans to check out the Night to Unite and National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.