Today is National Cat Day. I prefer Kitty Cat Day, but what day isn't Kitty Cat day?

We brought in a stray in early August. Now we have George and Zeke.

It was a struggle in the beginning, but it seems to be getting better. Just about every time we say that, there is a scuffle or some weird meow that tells us they disagree with each other for some odd kitty cat reason. They will lay by each other now. Sometimes George will be in a bay and Zeke is laying on a bench in front of the window. We keep telling them "Co-exist harmoniously." They do go nose to nose, so I think that is a good sign.

Zeke has learned to sit on command, granted it's usually around breakfast/suppertime. We have them sit and be quiet for five seconds before they are fed. I started that because George would get sick if I fed him right away, and it works. Our neighbor, who feeds them when we are gone for a few days, was surprised when she told Zeke to sit and he did.

When we were feeding Zeke upstairs, he would rush up. So I started the walk command. That worked because even coming down after he was done, he would walk. Now that he has graduated to eating in the kitchen with George, he has to learn to walk to George's dish to see if George is done. They tend to lick each other's dish when the other is done.

Zeke still likes the counters. But it seems he is up there less.

It's kind of funny that George will starting meowing just to meow and Zeke kind of wants to find out why, but doesn't want to lose his spot. Every so often Zeke does try to get George to play. He will run up to George, but George just looks at him.

In the end, they just want a lap to lay on, whether to stretch out or curl up in a tight ball. They're just a couple of cuddle bugs. Happy National Kitty Cat Day. Hug them if you can.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.