I am a glass half-full person. I enjoy the little things. Some people may say, "It doesn't take much to entertain you." But that's okay.

Some little things that are cool to me: I like to shred. I save up shredding in the basket and sit in front of the TV and during commercials, shredding begins. Our shredder overheats, so during the show or game, it rests. At one time, if people would ask me about a piece of paper, whether it was to find it or where to put it, I would say, "Shred it." For a Secret Santa present, I was given a shredder.

A day of quilting is a joy for me. Pinning, sewing, ironing, pinning, sewing, ironing. Putting the blocks together, matching colors light with dark, plaid with flowers, dots with plaids. The kitties like helping and making sure I don't forget that they are around. They like to help when I start to put the quilt together as I lay it on the floor. George likes to go under the quilt and push it together. Boo likes to steal the pins and run away or sit on and pounce the quilt.

Oh, and then there is taking pictures that will capture the moment that we want to remember. The scene of fog on a fall morning, clouds in a weird formation, kitties sleeping in an odd position. And, of course, family pictures. Pictures from vacation or a trip with that special someone or by yourself.

Yesterday, I was proud of myself because I stuck to my budget. I walked around a store and, well, found a couple or three books and movies that I would have liked to pick up, but the budget said no and I listened. I gave myself a pat on the back for that. Basically, sticking to the budget is one of those little things.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.