Happy Birthday Elvis, wherever you are. I have not heard too many reports of people spotting you for quite some time.

This is going to be a little strange, Lisa's Logic what can I write. I remember today is Elvis' birthday only because a supervisor/friend told me when she was younger she asked "Do you know what today is?" Her siblings replied "Elvis' birthday." Actually my friend wanted to hear "Happy Birthday, Rachel."

So today sticks in my head as Rachel's and Elvis' birthday.

Now Elvis is a cool name. It is a little strange not to hear Presley to follow, isn't it? But there have been some sports players named Elvis.

The Canadian ice skater, Elvis Stojko. He is not just an ice skater, three-time World Champion, two-time Silver Medalist at the Olympics, and seven-time Canadian Champion.

Elvis Dumervil an outside linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He was also with Denver Broncos.

Quarterback Elvis Grbac (grr back) who played for San Francisco, Kansas City and Baltimore Ravens.

I'm sure more are named Elvis. Just wondering do they name them Elvis Presley ____________, because what else goes with Elvis?

Just a side note that Elvis Presley's birthday week comes to an end today.

Happy Birthday to you all. We all have a birthday sometime. Make it a good one.

The sun is shining above (and snow is on the ground) ... Think Happy Thoughts.