So the last two days going back and forth to work, I noticed a lot of turkeys. That, of course, started me thinking -- oops -- about names of groups of animals.

Flock seems to go with birds, and could be pod or flight, too. Then there is a flock of sheep or goats, also known as herd, trip or mob.

Herd seems to be popular:

  • Buffalo/elk: could be also gang.
  • Cattle: could be drove.
  • Elephants: also parade.
  • Wrens.
  • Porpoises: along with pod, school or turmoil.
  • Whales: could be gam, pod, or school.

Some other groups are: Clowder or glaring of cats, skulk of foxes, charm or chirm of finches, muster of peacocks, cloud of gnats, a crash of rhinoceros, a bask of crocodiles and a knot of toads. Then there is leap or lepe of leopards; cast of hawks; and down, husk or mute of hare; also a pandemonium of parrots.

The list just goes on and on. Using this fresh list of words, I am thinking maybe a game of Scrabble, or any word game, might be in the near future. My husband will probably win, but it's all in fun.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.