Halloween can bring fun to all ages.

Stay safe trick or treaters. Remember to only go to homes with a porch light on. Have a glow stick or flashlight with you, maybe some reflective tape on your costume. Cross at the corners and watch for cars. Of course, wait until you get home to eat any candy, and always have mom and dad check the candy first. Have fun. Remember to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you."

Last year, it was suggest by our corporate office to dress up for Halloween since it was on a Friday. That was cool, even the CEO of the company dressed up as Captain America. Roy dressed as a baseball player, Loren was a frog and I was a gypsy. My husband, usually Freddy Krueger, was a pirate. At our sister station in Rochester, there were two "P's" in a pod. They dressed alike in black pants and a white tee with the letter P on it, and a couple were dressed as the '60s.

Well another way to dress up would be to wear orange and black or a Halloween-themed shirt.

There's decorating the home inside and/or out, too. Gather all the leaves to look like a grave and put gloves and boots in the appropriate places or hang "spider webbing" from the eves and windows with spiders in them.

Halloween also brings out the cool shows like Addams Family, which also have two good movies. The Munsters and even Scooby-Doo, since the gang were usually solving mysteries with ghosts and goblins in some sort of haunted building. Of course, we cannot forget about "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Halloween is pretty special to have its own movie series. Or the doll that comes alive "Chuckie" and his bride too.

Halloween is about dressing up and candy. I usually buy extra and then buy some the next day too because it is on sale.

Happy Halloween. Stay safe. Have fun.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

The Great Pumpkin