We had our company picnic/Christmas party at the St. Paul Saints game Sunday, June 7. What a fabulous day for baseball.

It was Bring Your Dog to the Ballpark Day and there were lots of huskies; maybe they knew Owatonnans were going to be there. It was actually Husky Huddle. I found that out on the scoreboard as different groups were being welcomed, along with Townsquare Media.

Brad Fischer, chauffeur and sales, tried his arm at the radar gun ... between 52 and 85. One did not register.

We walked around and took some pictures and then settled in the bleachers to watch a game. The announcers, Lee and Halsey, were funny. By the way, they had the best seats, right up there by home plate.

If a foul ball went over the canopy, which it did quite often, it was "hail damage" or "flea market item" or some other comment.

The opponents were Sioux Falls Canaries and were called Parakeets -- my favorite -- or African Gray Parrot, sometimes the Canaries.

They were trying to decide if it was "away" or "down," as in "2 away" or "2 down." They did agree once.

Each half inning there was a contest. Flying a drone, that went up really well but forward not so well, with the current driver anyway. A group of guys came out to roll tires. The announcer said, "Are you ready? It doesn't matter. Go." He ran beside them, commented and asked the leader questions. It was funny.

It then started to rain, the game was delayed. We left. Sad, but we all work different hours, some have to get up earlier than others. We found out that the Canaries won 6-2.

We then saw a beautiful sunset.

Here are a few pictures from the game.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.