March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, according to Maybe they could not decide or maybe they thought something could be missing that we are not celebrating. Well, anyway, I decided to come up with Get Lost Day.

Now, of course, this could mean a couple of different things and that's how I'm going to take them, too. People you know, or don't know for that matter, may say, "Get Lost." That's okay. Getting lost can be fun.

Sometimes my sense of direction is kind of wacky. I traveled to my mom's on a different route, more of a scenic route. She was good at telling me all the rights and lefts. As I was on the road, I "got lost" in my thoughts. Thinking and thinking and then another thought and not even missing a turn. I did arrive at my destination.

Sometimes taking a different route makes me a little nervous. I repeat the directions a couple of times and once I've taken the route I'm good. I have even found a couple of short cuts, not many but hey I'm trying.

I remember growing up and we would be out and about with mom at the wheel and sometimes she would say, "This does not look familiar" or "I think I'm lost." We would all say "Hooray!" However, not much time would pass and Mom was on familiar ground again. Oh well, better luck next time. We still have fun with that.

Get Lost Day that is for me. Lost in thoughts. Lost in travel. Lost in thoughts while traveling.

So, what is your holiday going to be?

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.