Our two kitty cats, George and Zeke, are getting along and even playing together. When the cat pheromone runs out, we are going to see what happens without it.

When we would say they are getting along, there would be scuffles and sometimes small tufts of fur later on. Now when we say it, there is no fighting.

Zeke, almost 1, had this territorial thing going on and that seems to have disappeared. He found out there is no ifs or buts about it he has to share with George.

George, 11, will sometimes get a burst of energy and run from window to window and back again, then stretch up and meow, just to meow. Zeke will go up to him and start pawing at George and he paws back. It is pretty funny.

The other day, George was laying on a table near a window. Zeke was trying to inch his way on the table by going underneath it; must have been Zeke Logic. George noticed that and peeked over the edge to watch him. Then Zeke noticed that and he reached up and pawed at George. That made us chuckle.

We were a little concerned about the Christmas tree, but it is still standing. When we first put it up, before the ornaments and lights, Zeke did start to climb it. That was discouraged strongly and it seems to have worked. They are both curious about it. George likes to lay under it. We try our best to discourage them from messing with the tree.

Hooray, they are getting along.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.