Leap Year we learned has a significance that helps us not speed up our time. Just adding one day every four years helps our years be 365 or 366 with a Leap year.

Well, it seems they, being scientists, add a leap second also. It is either June 30, which it is this year or Dec. 31. But it is not done every year. It is just observed as Leap Second Time Adjustment Day, according to brownielocks.com. They even had a meeting to not add the seconds.

Something better on the last Thursday of June, which this year is the 30th, is National Bomb Pop Day. Yummy red, white and blue frozen treat on a summer day. Just think we don't have to wait for the ice cream truck anymore.

Also on the last Thursday of June is National Handshake Day, which they may want to either change or add Fist Bump Day - with or without fireworks. Hopefully your handshake is not too wimpy or hard. Wimpy is worse, just saying.

Each month has a number of holidays to bring attention, some are a little more serious and some are fun. June is:

  • National Ocean/River Month
  • National Smile Month
  • Country Cooking Month
  • Soul Food Month and
  • Skyscraper Month.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.