There has been a lot of road construction like every summer. This year it has basically forced me and many others to take the freeway more than we would like. There is really nothing wrong with the freeway, but I would prefer the back roads.

A few things I have noticed on the freeway is, well, we get many visitors. Lately I have noticed more cars from Texas coming to Minnesota. We have also people driving in from Alabama, Florida, California, Pennsylvania and, of course, our neighboring states of Iowa and the Dakotas. Some drive quite a distance.

It is fun to see the many different states license plates. I did notice one plate that had TADAA as he passed me in a Corvette. Both caught my eye. Iowans have quite a few Hawkeye fans, according to their plates that have the team colors and usually something about the Hawkeyes. Iowa is the only state that I know of that has the county on the plate. I look for that because we did live there for a few years.

I feel like the freeway puts me in a hurry. I like to drive it going to visit family but going to work I like driving the back county roads. It is a little more relaxing and I notice a few more things, sometimes things that have probably been there a while. I drove past this one house and they have bottle tree. It is a place to put colorful bottles on spikes and it looks really cool. For some reason this is the first year I noticed it. However it might be because they have other things in their yard that are cool to notice as I drive by.

The county roads may take a little longer but that is okay by me. Driving 55 isn't that bad. Then again in early May a couple of years ago the freeway was a little slower with all the snow we received and it was much safer to drive than the back roads. So it is all good.

Freeway and back roads either way, we will get there. Drive safe as you are out and about. Extra troopers out this weekend. A reminder to wear your seatbelts.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.