When we lived in Iowa, we were involved in a football pool with a bunch of people. Eventually fewer and fewer people were involved until it was just my husband and I. So we've continued the tradition ever since. It's all for fun and we stop making picks at the playoffs.

I remember my parents would make picks when it was listed in the paper and it was just between the two of them. I don't know how either did week to week, they kept it to themselves.

My husband prints out two sheets for all the games each week. Instead of just our names, we label them with something that relates to us, such as November/September or Pumpkin Spice/Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Something fun.

Sometimes we have many different picks, like six, or very few, like one. That one different happened this time and it was on Thursday's game, hooray for me. On Sunday, it is just watching football on Sunday.

We do keep tally of wins and losses. One year I won by 17, but I have also lost by that many a couple times. I have to say it is usually closer than that. There was even one year we tied, that was cool. What was odd, if I would have kept to my usual picks, I would have won. The one time I picked the Cowboys, they lose.

Once or twice I forgot who I have picked because I wasn't looking at my sheet, and I have rooted for the wrong team. "That's funny right there." Oh well, it is all for fun. No big deal.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.