I remember my mom making jam and canning tomatoes. Boy, that was a process. She also made dill pickles. It seemed she would have to look and look for dill. And when she would get rhubarb, it would end up in a really tasty coffee cake.

I did not think about doing any of that until we bought a house. When I first started getting rhubarb, I asked my mom about rhubarb-strawberry pie. That was tasty.

Then I discussed with her about making jam with rhubarb. The first thing she said is to make it without pectin. So, my homework began. It took a few tries because even though without pectin is put in to the search, it finds with pectin and a little more searching goes on.

I did find one for Rhubarb-Strawberry jam on cooks.com. Last year, I was given apples and made Rhubarb-Apple Jam, which turned out awesome. By the way, make sure to add the gelatin to the jam when it is off the heat. It gets gooey if it is put in too early, still good but gooey. I also finally bought a funnel, which really helps putting the jam in jars.

I did try to make apple butter with a crockpot but I overcooked it, so it tastes overdone. I still use it on squash though.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.