I felt like it took months to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I truly had a hard time. When I told my husband that, his advice was to give it a chance.

The book that I have has about four parts to it. It explains how the story came about to be written, which was pretty interesting. Three friends were sitting around and each were to come up with a story. Mary Shelley was the only one to complete the project. Her boyfriend, who was married at the time and whom Mary eventually married, thought he had to change it up. While I was reading the actual story, there would be footnotes to explain certain words, and sometimes it was unnecessary.

The story "Frankenstein" was only 156 pages with paragraph after paragraph. The last 56 pages were the best part. Frankenstein created a monster whom he found hideous after it was alive. The monster had to find a way to survive on its own. He hid from a family and learned to speak and geography while they were teaching someone else.

The monster then told his story to Frankenstein and wanted to have another creation so that he wouldn't be lonely. If Frankenstein did not create her, the monster would torment him. That is the basic story. In the end, well, they both die.

Another part of the book were other authors discussing the story. I skipped that and went to read a short bio of Mary Shelley.

I finished the story, though it wasn't easy, and now on to the next story.

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