Earth Day is Friday the 22nd. My calendar shows today. Really it is every day. Earth Day is a reminder to help Mother Earth and not just throw it all away.

Different countries have celebrated in some fun ways. Philippines organized a Fun Run. Vietnam held workshops and flash mobs. Events in Italy included a marathon and music. Beijing participants went on a hike to collect trash in parks.

It's easy to celebrate Earth Day. First remember to:

  • Recycle: paper, plastic, glass (easy now with no-sort recycling). Even electronics and CDs are recyclable.
  • Stop junk mail.
  • Reuse, change it to help in a different matter. A used garden hose has a few uses. Make a roll-up garden path. In the picture, a fire hose was used. Instead use a garden hose. It gives the right idea anyway.
  • Repair so that it will last a little longer
  • Compost. Stores now have easy tumbling compost bins to put weeds, leaves and fruit/vegetable remains together to make dirt. Or bring yard waste to the city's compost.

Of course, plant a tree and plant another tree for Arbor Day, which is coming up.

Arbor Day began in Nebraska and was first set on the 10th, then moved to the 22nd. Now it seems states celebrate sometime in April or the end of March. It seems many states, including Minnesota, have set the last Friday in April as Arbor Day. This year it is the 29th.

Minnesota's State Tree is the Red Pine and Wisconsin is the Sugar Maple.

Recycle, reuse, reduce another set of three R's.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.