I drive a manual, yep a five-speed. It's even an SUV. So when my vehicle goes into the shop, I have to drive my husband's pickup, which like most vehicles, is an automatic. It's funny because way back when, as my mom has told me, it was a special order to get an automatic. I know that was many, many years ago, but I remember her telling me that.

I have to say it's good and bad, that I've gotten a little better at not going for that third pedal and putting my hand on the stick that is not there. This is kind of funny. My husband and I deliver a paper in Ellendale. I was driving and coming to a stop sign, my husband was expecting me to put my hand down to shift. Funny thing is, I didn't and normally I would try.

Even driving yesterday, my hand went for the stick a couple of times. It is automatic to downshift a manual, even in an automatic. Confusing, confused.

My mom has asked me to move her vehicle a few times. Once I told her I didn't know how to drive an automatic. She didn't believe me, she just chuckled. So I went to move her vehicle.

I learned to drive a manual with my dad's Pinto. My brother, the most patient person, taught me. We went from our house to his work and back. You have to understand, I lived in a hilly neighborhood just learning the clutch. Wow, that Pinto was not kind to a first-time student of a manual. I can't tell you how many times that car quit. Yep, I still wanted to learn. Nothing like a challenge, right?

I don't know how "three on a tree works." I did see it once and asked my parents. So I watched a little closer the next time, I still did not get it. It is probably just one of those things to try. We'll leave at that.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.