First of all: Congratulations to the NRHEG girls basketball team winning last night!! Good luck Friday night against Norwood Young America. Many of us are cheering loudly for you. Congrats and good luck!

Today is just one of those days that is going to be a true Lisa's Logic day. How would you like to know where I picked the name from? No. Oh, okay. Here it is.

One of my brothers would sometimes hang out at the house with his friends. When someone in the group said something that did not make sense to anyone else, it was "Sherry's Logic" or "Willie's Logic." I thought that was funny and a nice way of putting it as they all chuckled as they said it.

So I thought it would be a fun title, "Lisa's Logic." That drawing a blank turned into a scribble of sorts. It sort of feels like a bad day. Not a bad hair day bad but a blank day. I remember having one of those bad days when it seemed that many things went wrong. It seems the more that went wrong, the more I would laugh, or at least a little more than a chuckle. What can you do? Laughing seemed to make it a better day. I sort of wish I could remember what went wrong. We will just leave it that.

To get back to local notes. Owatonna Arts Center K-12 Art Exhibit will have an artists reception today from 4:30-7 and NRHEG band concert begins at 7:30 tonight.

Once again, good luck to the NRHEG girls basketball team Friday night.

Zeke was trying to rush me and messing up my writing and I thought he was going to "help" me type, too, but he wanted to see what George was doing instead. Or maybe get into trouble of sorts. Still drawing a blank. Have an awesome day. Zeke came back to help my edit some.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.