There are some odd, or I mean unique holidays. It can be for the day or the month. Like February is Heart Month, Cherries Month, Hot Breakfast Month and Library Lovers Month.

Today, Feb. 6, is not only Lame Duck Day, Work Naked From Home Day -- I'm so glad they specified "at home" -- and Bubblegum Day. It is also Doodle Day -- Hooray.

Doodle: drawing while a person is otherwise occupied. Doodle away, draw that horse, or cat or scribble, I mean, doodle. You could consider it abstract art when you run out of room on that piece of paper. Because we know that doodling can take up a whole piece of paper depending what is going on.

Other holidays in February:

  • Feb. 7, among other things, is Ballet Day -- remember to Pirouette.
  • Feb. 8, Fly a Kite Day -- so if someone tells you that, it is OK.
  • Feb. 13, not all scary. It's Radio Day -- hooray -- and Get a Different Name Day. Maybe I will be Frankie Fox that day. I do mean maybe.

And those are just some of the unique holidays in this month.

I don't know where they started or how they were named, but on Thursday, March 26, you can have your say because it is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. That gives you a little over a month to think about and change it over and over again.

So, anyway, back to today, Doodle Day, doodle away.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.