When Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts were the first dome team to win the Big Game way back when, it was all offense. This time it was all defense. Denver's outside linebacker Von Miller was named the MVP.

Denver Broncos 24 to Carolina Panthers 10 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., which is south of San Francisco.

One downfall to the game were the penalties. I think around 15 flags. Kind of a lot for two No. 1 teams.

Some cool notes. The 61-yard punt return is the longest in Super Bowl history. Denver coach Gary Kubiak is the first to win as a player and coach for the same team. Both quarterbacks were No. 1 drafts. This is funny. After only two plays, we were reminded it is almost halftime.

Now for the important stuff ... commercials. First, the creepiest goes to "Puppy, monkey, baby." And here are some that I thought were cool:

  • "Frank, British" actress Ann Mirren told drunk drivers to "stop it." Pretty cool Budweiser putting out a whole ad against drinking and driving.
  • Jeep's two ads fit them well. First thanking our servicemen and then one that was adventurous.
  • Some aliens touring a human museum and were told that airline seating was a torturing device, then having avocado dip and chips.
  • Intuit sponsoring a local business. Vikings on a ship turns out to be a guy drinking Death Wish Coffee.
  • Colgate reminding us to shut the water off when we brush our teeth. It is a precious resource.
  • How about the singing Skittles Steven Tyler, a little creepy that it could and that it understood Steven Tyler. Kind of funny when it exploded on the floor and still tried to sing.
  • The Audi ad. An astronaut driving a car that reminds him of going to the moon.

The second most important part of the game: the halftime show. I liked it. Coldplay was good. As my husband pointed out, singer Christ Martin likes to hop. Nothing wrong with that. It looked like a high school band was on stage and also during the performance a marching band on the field. Beyonce starting on the field making her way to the stage for a staring contest with Bruno Mars. Boy, he can dance. They put the crowd to work with the sun in the beginning then a '60s theme of flowers and a good message "Believe in Love."

Congratulations to Anquan Boldin for receiving the Walter Payton Man of the Year.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.