Hooray! Spring is here and it is officially American Chocolate Week, but we can share. Canada does share with us Cupcake Day, or we borrow it from them, so we can share this. With all the chocolate that we will be having, it won't be too hard to fulfill Act Happy Week.

Today the 21st is also National Common Courtesy Day, a good thing to follow year-round.

The fourth Tuesday of March, this year the 22nd, is American Diabetes Association Alert Day. I have a few people in my family with diabetes. Here is a link to their website for more information.

The holiday people also gave us National Goof-off Day on the 22nd. Wow, what are we going to do? Maybe we can put that on Saturday, too.

World Marbles Day is also Good Friday. This Saturday the 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday and Purple Day, which is actually Epilepsy awareness day.

Then on the 27th it's Easter and Plum Pudding Day.

By the way, March is also: Humorists are Artists Month, National On-Hold Month, Optimism Month and International Ideas Month. I guess as we are on hold we will come up with optimistic ideas.

Enjoy the chocolate and be nice and goofy.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.