I know it is not officially spring until Friday, but I noticed my first robin yesterday as I was walking about.

It sort of surprised me. I looked at the grass and there was the robin. Of course, I didn't get a picture of it. For one, I didn't have my camera. Two, the robin flew off to meet his or her friends -- that I am sure the neighbors have noticed -- before I could have gotten my camera in my hand.

My mom has told me off and on that an old wives tale says, "It has to snow on the back of a robin three times." Well, "they" say there is a chance of snow/rain a couple of days this week. We will see. But, of course, spring really doesn't start until Friday anyway.

To me, it is sounding a little more like spring with the birds outside chirping away or what other sounds they make. The Canadian geese are making their way home, too. Last year, we were able to take a picture of a Baltimore oriole, and I think we saw an indigo bunting and a yellow warbler. That was pretty cool.

Other signs of spring would be kites flying -- we may have to give that a try again. Then there is the green grass, trees and flowers blossoming, bees buzzing and butterflies. Don't forget the street sweeper, too.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.