February is Library Lovers Month. March is National Reading Month. As a quote from the movie "NeverEnding Story II" says, "Ahh, but have you ever read a book twice? Books change each time you read them." Now that movie isn't as good as the first, but that line is very true. And it works for movies, too.

I just finished "Gracious Plenty" by Sheri Reynolds, and it was very good. It is something I would read again. Next up is "New Mercies," and it started out slow but improved fast.

The funny thing about rereading a book is that there are certain parts I look forward but, oh, wait that comes later. I guess you could say I read a variety of books. I truly like the classics -- Jane Eyre, To Kill A Mockingbird, Treasure Island -- then throw some Stephen King in the mix and Harry Potter. My cat George likes when I read, so he has a lap to curl up on.

My husband took a break from Stephen King and decided to try Category 7 by Bill Evans. He likes the big storms.

While I was growing up, my mom would read quite a bit, and still does. She likes to read mystery books. One of my brothers and his family were discussing that they bought so many books at thrift book store that they would have to clean out some books from home to bring up their credit again at that store.

Pick up that book, or device, read and enjoy.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.