I have been catching games here and there, and I found out that sometimes it is the games and sometimes it is the commercials to watch for.

On Saturday, I started watching the Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kentucky Wildcats just before 2 p.m. The game was tied at 4, and there was no scoring until 2:07 p.m., stoppages but not scoring, strange how that can work. And then there was a good game; not surprisingly, Kentucky won. Then something kind of funny happened.

I was noticing early on in the tournament, the little that I watched, some of the commercials were almost better than the Super Bowl ads. I did not notice any animals, just a few big names ... Shaq, Spike Lee, Charles Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson.

On Saturday, there was a commercial that I was later telling my husband about and I was laughing so hard that I could barely get it out. I don't know if he really understood what I was saying because you know when you are laughing and talking your words do not sound like anything. Lowe's had a spot that was about two guys talking about how one lawn looked pretty good and gave one of them the confidence to fold fitted sheets. Then the laughter began. Well to give it away, it did not work.

I also caught the ending of Utah Running Ute's beating Georgetown Hoyas. No. 5 beating a No. 4. My husband says, "You are really getting into this." I only seem to catch around halftime or the ending of games, and that's enough for me.

Keep your eyes on the commercials, some of them are really good. On to Sweet Sixteen.

By the way, what is a bearcat? Nicknames for schools can be unusual, and Roy helped a little by writing about other nicknames. Here are just a couple ... Bray, Okla., Donkeys; or Yuma, Ariz., Criminals.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.