My husband and I watched Support Your Local Sheriff last night. It is a 1969 funny western movie starring James Garner, Harry Morgan, Bruce Dern, Jack Elam and Joan Hackett. I remember watching it as a kid with my dad whenever it was on, and it still made me chuckle.

Last night, the odd thing as we were watching the movie, there were a couple of parts that were edited out. They were small but noticeable to us. It was still good. Here are a few lines from the movie:

Sheriff (Garner), being handed a bullet-dented badge: "That must have saved the life of whoever was wearing it."

Mayor (Morgan): "Well, it sure would have, if it wasn't for all them other bullets flyin' in from everywhere."

Here is another one:

Bartender: "Remember what the sheriff said, 'No more shootin' til the sun goes down.'"

Townsmen: "Is that what he said?"

Bartender: "That's close enough, brother. Drinks are on the house."

I'm chuckling as I write and type them. I was reading other lines and running more scenes through my head.

In 1972, they reunited the cast to make Support Your Local Gunfighter. I tried to watch it. I gave it a few minutes way back when.

On another movie note, I noticed a very long list of summer movies just released. Some look pretty good with what little description there was. Also in the mix were some sequels like Terminator, Mission Impossible 5, Jurassic World and Fantastic Four.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.