Friday during the day, we had some very light snowflakes. One of those "Was there snow or not?" It did stop for a bit, then started up again.

My husband and I went out to eat. The snow did start to stick as we were sitting there and it was on the vehicles. Well, I remembered my mom said the old wives tale that it snows three times on the back of a robin. There have been many robins in the area.

On our way home, there was one point that the snowflakes were bigger and really coming down and the road was covered. I thought what a great picture but no, I was driving. My husband called it a snow burst. I had a little trouble seeing. Then all of a sudden it cleared.

Just on the edge of Ellendale it started to pick up again. I thought it looked like we were traveling warp speed with the snow coming at us in the headlights.

When we were parked, unexpectedly my husband threw a snowball at me as we were walking in. Good snowman or snowball snow!

I took the camera out and went near a lighted area. The flash hit some of the snowflakes just right.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.