Strange things just pop up in my head once in a while. This morning I got to wondering what would pop up if I googled an adjective followed by Owatonna. The first couple of times I did it, I came up with a surprise. So, here we go. I'll just pick out the most interesting hit from the first page each time I do it.

"Weird Owatonna" resulted in this interesting tidbit. Weird Engineering with an Owatonna address. I know there's some type of metal shop or something in Pratt, and I guess the name of it is Weird Engineering. I never knew that.

"Goofy Owatonna" netted this interesting story. Goofy Gus was apparently a dog that had a horrible life until it was brought into the Steele County Humane Society and later found a new home. Take time to read the poor mutt's story.

"Terrific Owatonna" and "Funky Owatonna" didn't yield much for interesting results.

"Boogie Owatonna" brought up the following link: The Boogie Barn. Can't say I've ever heard of that. I do recall a place called The Barn outside Owatonna a while back. Perhaps they're one and the same?

"Bad Owatonna" resulted in a few hits on bad credit and a story about the Bad Tangerines performing at the Art Center.

I tried "Black Owatonna" and wound up with a new eating establishment. Black Sheep and Burgers looks to be located in the former Pizzeria place.

I tried another color and "Purple Owatonna" yielded a website with purple sedans for sale in Owatonna. I doubt there are many of those.

There you go, try a different town with an adjective and see what you come up with. I may this with some other town or adjective next month.