What a pleasant, cool and windy day for the last day of the Steele County Free Fair. Highs were in the upper 60s to around 70. The day was full of entertainment at the stages throughout the fairgrounds.

The Old Iron Display near the Village of Yesteryear with its many tractors from 1950s to 1920s and everything in between, from all makes and models.

The All-American Lumberjack Show at the fair has a total of five trials through the show and they mix it up for each one. It is the Blue Team vs. the Red Team.

The KRFO Pig Races are near that same area, by the FFA Barnyard and are filled with jokes all related to the pigs. Each pig is named with that theme in mind. Lindsay Loham, Kermit the Pig, Piglet. The pigs race around the track, not for money but for a tasty cookie.

Really, the fair is all about the different foods. Hopefully you tried something tasty.

Food, Fun, and Screams in 2015 now becomes Grow, Sew, Show It in 2016. Hope you had a great time at the Steele County Free Fair.