From singing and dancing to spelling with some watermelon seeds and hammers flying as well, the entertainment at the KRFO stage at the Steele County Fair is wide-ranging.

Blooming Prairie native Janelle Kendall makes her Steele County Fair debut with Walter's Wheelhouse on Tuesday, August 16, at 5:45PM. Darlene and the Boys follow at 7:30PM.

On Wednesday, the Jill Hoggard dancers will fill the stage at 2PM, while their families will pack the seats. Greta Jacobson performs at 3:15PM. The Bluegrass Review plays at 5:30PM with the Little Fisherman wrapping up the day at 7PM.

Sixth-graders will wow the crowd with their spelling abilities during the Jerry Kent Spelling Bee at 2PM Thursday. Dave Williams, DeKam and Johnson and the Dan Stursa Band will all take the stage that day.

Luverne Wanous plays the KRFO stage at noon Friday. Pushing Chain and Don & Doreen perform in the afternoon with line dancing and square dancing capping the night.

Saturday features the Stanley Koslosky Band at 2PM. Marion's Concertina, American Pie and Adam Wayne all play as well.

Sunday starts with Lisa Murphy, the singing cowgirl. The Stix of Fury and Flemming Fold play later.

KRFO hosts on-air watermelon seed spitting and ladies nail driving Tuesday through Saturday at the stage.

Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media