As you settle into your favorite chair in air-conditioned comfort this summer, or in front of a fan on full blast, turn off the television and grab a book while listening to KRFO in the background.

In my research for creating a list of book recommendations I believe our digital expert Tamara Gruhot is our reading champion based on her numerous thoughts and suggestions. Although it appears sales executive and sports play-by-play expert Brad Fischer churns through books pretty consistently as well.

I tend to start a book, then another and another without finishing the first. Sales guru Rich Will had to think a little for a recent read, as did corner office occupant Kris Lake.

Gruhot offered up the latest work of Joe Hill, The Fireman. She was also part of a recent Power 96 radio interview with the son of horror legend Stephen King. In the book, civilization is threatened by people bursting into flame, not exactly action that will inspire cool feelings during these hot days. But possibly better than Gruhot's other suggestion of The Road by Cormac McCarthy, about an end-of-the-world journey of a father and his son. She describes it as bleak and not a summer read. I have seen the movie and would have to agree. Although it did give actress Charlize Theron some armageddon experience for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fischer enjoyed the Ken Follett book Pillars of the Earth. He was a bit surprised how good it was considering the plot of building a cathedral sounded a little dull at the onset. Thanks to his suggestion, I just picked up Follett's Whiteout, about the release of a deadly virus.

Will went with King's It for his suggestion. I suppose you could also use a book that size for cover during a severe storm as an added bonus. Lake went a more practical route with Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal as his recommendation.

I have enjoyed the Vince Flynn books, and am looking forward to his character Mitch Rapp coming to the big screen in American Assassin. But I will also recommend Clive Cussler. I have enjoyed the Oregon Files, Fargo Adventure and Isaac Bell series.

  • 1

    Stephen King's It

    Sales executive Rich Will read Stephen King's It a few years ago.

    Simon & Schuster
  • 2

    Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

    Brad Fischer is a big fan of Ken Follett's novels. Pillars of the Earth is about building a cathedral in 12th century England

    Penguin Publishing Group
  • 3

    The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

    Kris Lake gave this as his suggestion. That might mean we need to offer equal time to Trump's opponent.

    Random House Publishing Group
  • 4

    The Fireman by Joe Hill

    While it is not a book that will bring cool feelings to you, it is a good read, according to Tamara Gruhot.

  • 5

    The Solomon Curse by Clive Cussler

    This Fargo Adventure series story has the thrill-seeking couple chasing legends and a treasure.

    Penguin Publishing Group