Coming down to the Final Four, the standings are very close in the KRFO Million Dollar Bracket Challenge, presented by Owatonna Motor Co.


The leader board remains very close heading into the Final Four and a selection of great prizes from Owatonna Motor Co. The top prize is a $500 certificate toward the purchase of a vehicle at Owatonna Motor Co. Second place wins a car detailing. Third place is worth three free oil changes. I am happy to say I moved up a bit in the standings into 12th place, though I'm not eligible for the prizes.

Vern Wilker leads the standings with 43 points. He has all final four teams picked correctly. Vern picked Kentucky to beat Duke in the finals.

There is a three-way tie for second place in the KRFO Million Dollar Bracket Challenge at 42 points, just one point behind the leader. bdwins1 has two teams remaining, his finalists Kentucky and Duke. krislake has just one team left. Although it is his pick for the title, Kentucky. Pat Fischer has three of the final four picked correctly, with Kentucky topping Duke in the title tilt.

There are six contestants tied for fifth place at 41 points. Those prizes from Owatonna Motor Co. are still very much up for grabs.