Here is some advice on how to keep our pets, dogs and cats, safe during the holidays from a Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners press release.

  • Dogs should not chew on turkey or chicken bones.
  • Ribbons, string and tinsel are a hazard for cats. They like to play with them but they may swallow them and it could get stuck in their intestines.
  • Christmas lights are dangerous because when puppies or kitties chew on them, it could cause an electrical burn in their mouths.
  • When buying cat toys that contain a jingle bell, make sure the dog doesn't swallow it.
  • An artificial sweetener called xylitol -- found in low-calorie food, gum, sugar-free candies, some baked goods, and certain specialty peanut butters -- can be dangerous to dogs. It is also not good to give dogs some fatty human food.
  • Make sure to put purses and bags up on counters or a chair, pets may nose their way in and could eat medicine that may be dangerous.
  • Dogs should not eat chocolate, raisins, grapes or onions.
  • Cats may knock over the Christmas tree and could get injured. Personal note, this has not happened to me with my cats. Our editor says she ties her tree to the ceiling every year.
  • Broken ornaments may injure humans and pets.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season.