We all love to gather around the big table for that great Thanksgiving meal. Our faithful dogs are no exception. They smell all those great things to eat and let's face it, they like having a break from the same old things to eat every day, too. But it's best to avoid the temptation and spoil them with table scraps and treats.

According to the experts at Milk-Bone, Minneapolis, here are the three big doggy hazards to avoid.

  1. Left out leftovers. We like to sneak things off the table when people are not looking. So do our dogs. But they can get sick loading up on those leftovers.
  2. Doggy food no-nos. Don't give your dog turkey skin, turkey or poultry bones, onions, grapes, raisins, fatty foods or other holiday items that are toxic to dogs.
  3. Avoid plastic bones, ice cubes, antlers or bully sticks. All of which can cause painful dental fractures.

Here's a graphic to look at with more tips: Go to Milk Bone Thanksgiving tips.

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